Jennifer + Paul | NJ Wedding Photographer

I met Jennifer while I was taking school photos of one of her daughters and was so honored that she was trusting me in documenting her upcoming special day and being her wedding photographer. This is the one day when you want everything from the details, mood, the rings and flowers to the tiniest persons to be captured perfectly. And the newest addition to Jennifer and Paul’s family was about to make an appearance just a month before the big day!

The day was perfect, and the venue was absolutely breathtaking. I am so thrilled I was able to start the year right and photograph this wedding celebration. And I could not have done it without the help and support of my wonderful friend and talented photographer Jessica Liggett (of Jessica Liggett Photography)!

At the end of the day I will never forget how beautiful Jennifer looked, how happy everyone was, how excited the kids were to be part of this wonderful celebration. The day ended up absolutely amazing. Make sure you check out the Venitian, it was such an awesome venue.

Jennifer and Paul, congratulations again! You guys absolutely make a beautiful family together!

NJ Wedding Photographer_0026.jpg

NJ Wedding Photographer_0027.jpg

NJ Wedding Photographer_0028.jpg

NJ Wedding Photographer_0029.jpg

NJ Wedding Photographer_0030.jpg

NJ Wedding Photographer_0031.jpg

NJ Wedding Photographer_0032.jpg

NJ Wedding Photographer_0033.jpg

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NJ Wedding Photographer_0038.jpg

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NJ Wedding Photographer_0042.jpg

NJ Wedding Photographer_0043.jpg

NJ Wedding Photographer_0020.jpg

NJ Wedding Photographer_0021.jpg

NJ Wedding Photographer_0022.jpg

NJ Wedding Photographer_0023.jpg

NJ Wedding Photographer_0024.jpg

NJ Wedding Photographer_0025.jpg

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